Southern Montana Telephone came into existence in 1904 under the ownership of J.P. Lossel with two telephones in the system in the town of Wisdom. Ownership was later transferred to the Capehart family until 1940 when the business was purchased by George Johnson. George Helming purchased the company in April 1944 and has remained in the Helming family to the present time. The company serves approximately 1000 access lines covering 1,964 square miles with 1,080 miles of buried cable. This includes 511 miles of fiber-optic cable. Our service is available in the areas: Jackson, Wisdom, Wise River, Divide, Grant and the Grasshopper Valley.


Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We have a night drop slot on the right side of the front office doors for payments when the office is closed. For anyone needing repair outside of regular office hours, we have VoiceMail, so feel free to leave a message. These messages are checked regularly. Our business office numbers for all your needs are toll free, 888-263-2270 or 689-3333.

Southern Montana Telephone - P.O. Box 205 - Wisdom - MT - 59761