Southern Montana Telephone works with its customers who are hearing, vision, or speeches impaired, or have mobility or cognitive impairments, or other disabilities, to ensure that their individual telecommunication needs are met. First, we will identify what special needs an individual customer has so that we can help design a telecommunication solution for that person.

Telecommunication Relay Services
A telecommunication relay service provides free interpreting services between individuals with hearing and/or speech disabilities with individuals that do not using standard telephone equipment or telephone equipment designed for individuals with disabilities. The service is free by dialing either a toll free number 1-800-253-4091 or by simply dialing 7-1-1. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Federal and state laws require all call information and conversations to remain confidential.

Types of Devices and Software Available
There are a number of Telecommunication Devices and/or Software available for individuals with disabilities. The following is a list and description of some of these devices that are available:

B – Blind     HH – Hard of hearing     VI – Visually impaired     CI – Cognitively impaired     LMI – Lower Mobility Impaired
UI – Upper Mobility impaired             D – Deaf                           SI – Speech Impaired            WS – Weak Speech

Amplified Phone (HH or D)
A telephone with volume controls to adjust for loudness for persons hard of hearing. Phone can be cordless. Some models amplify from 30 dB to 50 dB.

Amplified Cell Phone (HH or D)
A wireless phone with volume controls to adjust for loudness for persons hard of hearing. 

Big Button Telephone (VI or B or UMI or CI)
A telephone with large dialing numbers, backlit numbers, braille numbers, or slots for picture inserts dialing.

Bluetooth Cell Phone (HH or D)
A wireless phone with Bluetooth capability. 

Bluetooth Compatible Phone Device (HH or D)
A device that enables a user’s hearing aid to work with a Bluetooth device. 

Bluetooth Hub (HH or D)
A device that enables a landline phone to work with a Bluetooth device. 

Braille Telecommunications Device (HH or D or SI and VI or B)
Same as TTY, but can convert the text typed and received into braille.

Captioned Telephone* (HH or D)
A phone that allows the user to listen on a handset and then read the other person’s response on a display. 

Cordless Phone (VI or B or LMI)
A phone without a cord so that the user is not restricted to a single location.

Hands-Free Activated Phone (VI or UI)
A device that allows the user to dial pre-programmed numbers and answer calls using a remote or soft touch or air switch.

Hearing Carry Over* (SI)
A phone that allows the user to type on a keyboard and then hear the other person’s response on a handset. 

Lapel Microphone (WS and UI or WS and VI)
A device used with Hands-Free Activated Phone to increase the loudness of user’s voice. 

Outgoing Voice Amplification Telephone (WS)
A phone with volume control capabilities to increase the loudness of the user’s voice. 

Ring Signaler (HH or D)
A device that alerts the user of an incoming call with a light the flashes as the phone rings. 

Speakerphone (HH or VI or B or UI or CI)
A phone with a speaker built into the base.

Tactile Ring Signaler
A device that vibrates when the phone rings.

Talks Back Number Dialed Telephone (VI or B or UI)
A telephone that vocalizes the numbers dialed. 

TTY* (HH or D or SI)
A device with a keyboard and display screen which can be used for text communication over a telephone line when one or more parties have hearing or speech difficulties.

Two-Way Paging Device* (HH or D or SI)
A text messaging device with a standard keyboard that can sends and receives wireless messages.

Voice Carry Over* (HH or D)
A telephone that allows someone with a hearing disability to speak directly to a telephone user and then read a response on a display.

Voice Dialer (VI or B or UI)
A device that allows the user to dial a pre-programmed number by a voice command. 

* May require caller to place calls through a relay service.

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