Call Waiting
Call WaitingA distinctive tone informs the telephone user that another call has been placed to his line. By briefly depressing the hookswitch, the user will be connected to the second caller while holding the first, subsequent depressions of the hookswitch will allow the user to alternate between callers. $1.50

Call Forwarding
Call ForwardingPermits transfer of all incoming calls automatically to any dial-able number. The number can be selected by the customer each time Call Forwarding is activated or the call directed to the previously selected number. If the alternate location is not a free call, the customer will be billed for each call forwarded. $1.50

Three Way Calling
Three Way CallingPermits a telephone user to add a third party to an existing local or long distance call. It will also permit a telephone user to consult privately with a third party while holding the original call. $1.50

Caller Identification
Caller IdentificationAllows a subscriber with a special telephone display unit to be notified of the telephone number and directory name as an incoming call is ringing. This information, along with the date and time of the call is stored in the display unit regardless of whether the call was answered. $5.00

Caller Identification on Call Waiting
Caller ID on Call WaitingAn arrangement whereby a subscriber who is using an exchange line is alerted by means of a tone signal and the display of the caller’s name and number on his display unit when another caller is trying to reach that line. The subscriber, by flashing the switch hook on his telephone, is able to have alternate conversations between parties. $2.00

Basic Voice Mail
Basic Voicemail    

  • Stutter dial tone notifies of message waiting
  • New messages retained 7 days
  • Saved messages retained 2 days
  • 30 second greeting message
  • 60 second incoming message
  • Maximum number of messages-10
  • Call forward don’t answer/busy


Anonymous Caller Rejection
5_Private-Number-Blocking_1An arrangement whereby a subscriber may program the telephone line to reject any incoming calls with “blocked” or “private” identification status. The subscriber is able to turn the feature on or off at any time. A call coming in from a blocked telephone number will be routed to a recorded announcement and rejected. A distinctive ring will be delivered and the call will be rejected. $2.00


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